Construction Management sYSTEMS

SafeSite,LLC conducts site orientations, work area and job site audits, and  complex  scopes of work that need a little extra planning. 

We strive to take the site headaches off your hands so you can worry about actually building the project.

SafeSite,LLC can work with your staff in creating safety policies, and training manuals .

Provide engineering control ideas on special scope of work planning. 

Assist project management with job site assessments, safety concerns, and accident prevention step process.


As a changing workforce builds our country, so does the rules and ways of operating with employees. Before a company can accurately run a safety program, it first must understand what kind of practice is being carried out with in ones company.  Safesite,LLC can come to your project and carry out a job site or corporate office culture assessment.  Once the overview has been discussed with the owners, we take pride in helping change attitudes and behaviors , creating fishers of men instead of having to terminate employees. 

As Job sites take off from a ground or green level, many pre construction site rules, warnings,  procedures, and guidelines must be directed to new hires before arriving on site.  Safesite,LLC can take the site orientation away from your site and conduct in private or on site settings. Being over several large projects in Tennessee, I have the ability to relate to the workers and also represent you as a company looking to have understood safety practices and guidelines in place allowing the arrival and beginning of work process to go as smoothly as possible from a directive view.